Ed Shults of Warren, along with the rest of Shults Auto Group, is partnering with EG Tax to provide tax counseling to customers. EG Tax is a local tax firm that offers a variety of tax services, including audit and budget consultations, client seminars, FAFSA help, and more.

In partnership with Shults Auto Group, EG Tax will help guarantee tax returns and get early returns for customers, so you don't have to wait as long to buy your dream Subaru. If you use your tax return as a down payment, we'll double it up to $500!

We'll have EG Tax representatives available at every Shults dealership ready to consult with you and maximize your tax return, figure out your budget, and work with us to determine what vehicles you can afford so we can get you the best deal possible. EG Tax offers extremely competitive rates that are half as expensive as other leading tax firms, too, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank.

Whether you want to get your early tax return or just want help with your budget, an EG Tax consultant will be happy to help, and Shults Auto Group will continue to provide the great deals, discounts, and rebates it always has. Together, we'll make buying a car from Shults more affordable and easy than ever!

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